Temple City Camellia Festival — This Weekend!

I am really looking forward to 73rd Temple City Camellia Festival this weekend.  I feel like the Camellia Festival embodies the spirit of all that makes Temple City a wonderful community.  There are nearly 90 different entries in the parade representing all of the amazing organizations in our community.  Boy Scouts, drill teams, our great schools, taekwondo studios, and our amazing Little League teams. There is certainly no shortage of activities for the youth of our community!

I hope that you will come out, watch the parade, play some carnival games — and connect with your community.  It is these types of events that bring people together and keep us connected!

Thank you to the many, many volunteers who are putting in countless hours to make this happen.  And an extra special shout out to the Festival Director Dawn Tarin for everything that she has done to make this year’s Camellia Festival amazing!

For more information about the Camellia Festival, visit http://www.camelliafestival.org.